Featured Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Sharon Groves

Sharon Groves

Sharon Groves is the former director of Faith and Religion at the Human Rights Campaign

Sharon Groves is a faith organizer working to empower people of faith invested in creating a better world. She is currently working with a number of groups such as Faith in Public Life and the Forum on the Military Chaplaincy who are pioneering new conversations with religious leaders on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. 

Bible Study Leader: Rev. Rodney McKenzie, Jr.

Rodney McKenzie, Jr.

Rodney McKenzie, Jr., Faith Work Director at The National LGBTQ Task Force, is an out person of faith, community organizer and a reverend. Over the last thirteen years, he’s worked for organizations fighting for grassroots political power in marginalized communities. From being a Field Organizer at the Task Force in 2002 to most recently being the Spiritual Director and Co-Creator of Expansion Church, his work focuses on the intersection of community organizing and radical spirituality in the public square.

Rodney’s currently a Master of Divinity candidate at Union Theological Seminary. By putting James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, Essex Hemphill and the Apostle Paul in conversation, he’s constructing a liberation theology that challenges how theology and LGBTQI politics approaches the intersection of race, class and sexuality.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Rodney currently resides in New York City, New York.